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Kids Portable Personal Security Alarm

There are some things that you hope you won’t need, but still want to have on hand. Prior to undertaking further primary studies, a useful starting point for future research would be to undertake wider consultation with healthcare staff, as well as professionals from the security industry and organisations specialising in personal safety training, consultancy and conflict management, to assess a cross-section of issues that may affect the implementation of any personal alarm intervention and ascertain the conditions believed necessary for them to produce their intended outcomes.

The list of services to be monitored at a Central Station has expanded over the past few years to include: Access Control ; CCTV Monitoring; Alarm Verification; Environmental Monitoring; Intrusion Alarm Monitoring; Fire Alarm & Sprinkler Monitoring; Critical Condition Monitoring; Medical Response Monitoring; Elevator Telephone Monitoring; Hold-Up or Panic Alarm Monitoring; Duress Monitoring; Auto Dialer tests; Open & Close Signal Supervision & Reporting; Exception Reports; and PIN or Passcode Management.

Loud 100-dB panic alarm activates at push of a button. For security and peace of mind, no woman should be without the 120 dB Personal Alarm. Without doubt, one of the most attractive points of the personal alarm system is the cost – all the alarms shown here are selling for under £15 , and even less if you buy in packs of three. Is completely committed in providing state of the art personal defense products to aide in the reduction of crime and keeping intruders away from you.

In recent years, the issue associated with the choice of personal alarms has acquired special urgency, because these days the probability of becoming a crime victim is very high sos alarm. Gale et al. ( 2002 ) measured the use of both personal alarms (referred to as pocket alarms) and panic buttons, while Landau and Bendalak ( 2008 ) looked only at the availability of panic buttons to staff. Four reported associations of personal alarms (and other variables) with risks of assault in healthcare settings.

Peace of mind is yours with our travel security and travel safety products. For even more personal security, get the Lightning Strike Personal Protection System, which includes the 120 dB Personal Alarm and an ultra bright tactical flashlight. Attach the personal security alarm to any bag, backpack, key chain or purse for easy access. Personal alarm systems are rapidly increasing in popularity for self-defense purposes, and for a good reason.